Hello, World!

June 5, 2015 | 3 minutes read

I have this domain for some time now. I am lazy and have therefore outsourced my fiance’s blog to a webhosting company. It works fine and it has little overhead. However, we ‘got’ a domain with it, for ‘free’. This became It is proudly hosted by Github, or at least they say. So this blog can also be reached on ;-)

Strange name for something which is a techblog, right? I still feel very comfortable with doing this under the ‘homecooked’ flag. There are a number of reasons for doing this.

  • This is mostly to order my thought, I’m writing this for me. I want to be able to remind why I did stuff, and how I did them exactly;
  • I’m treating the blogs here as a personal documentation page, and I will not be afraid to redo a blog with newfound findings;
  • It’s a personal blog. I will mostly write about tech stuff, but if I want to write about feels, this should be possible to;
  • I like cooking;
  • Everything I write about here is something I experienced and did myself;
  • Everything is, home cooked;

I recently got an unfulfilled feeling in my underbelly, and I went on a search where this came from. I liked working with computers since I was four years old. I made my profession out of this. And suddenly, it was not a hobby anymore.

It became a job. And without joy, it started to feel like work lately.

Computers is the only thing I’m really good at, I’m a tech guy. I feel comfortable with this stuff.

I needed to find the younger Bas in myself back, I needed to tinker again.

Fed up with Windows, without decent customization and a decent terminal. I decided to bite the bullet and install Arch Linux. It’s in a VM on my laptop I use for work, but this is my play time environment. Here, I can do everything I want. Here, my bits and bytes are free.

I will write about this yourney, going back to the little room I had at my mom’s place when I was still a young boy. I will only investigate and build stuff I am truely excited about. Being close to my work, but not always relevant, I should be able to take stuff from this and use it in my daily work.

Win-win situation, right?

I have an extensive list with stuff to tinker with, and write about. This will most likely not be weekly updated, but I will aim for at least once a month.

Drop me a tweet @BasLangenberg, or write me an e-mail if you want to get in touch.