So what I’ve been up to

August 14, 2015 | 2 minutes read

Long time no blogging. This is probably not the last time this will happen. I tend to be ‘busy’. Also, I only blog when I feel like and when I think I have something to talk about. I just try and post an update on what I have been working. Hell, maybe someone get’s some inspiration out of this!

What have I accomplished

  • WebLogic OCA 12c Certification in the pocket. I did not had my hopes up due to the baby and less time for studying, but I nailed it on the first time anyway!
  • I’ve setup a GitHub Repo in which I source my dotfiles. This way I can easily keep track of changes and add stuff everywhere.
  • I started using tmux. I like tmux, like a lot

What am I working on

  • I’m dabbling in web development, via The Odin Project. This might take some time…
  • I am spending time getting better at Puppet, so I can go for my certification. This is fun.

Next to this, I am also working on a secret project of which I cannot talk too much. It’s still being in startup and definition mode. I can spoil that it’s a website, and that I had to setup an e-mail server. We’re using Digital Ocean so creating the infra is a piece of cake. Setting up the webserver was a whole other problem. It’s not especially hard, but I took GREAT care not to cause another open relay on the web. That should be bad, I am also very paranoid.

I’ll promise to write up something more technical next time.