Move to Hugo

October 20, 2018 | 2 minutes read

We’re moving!

I’m not against Jekyll all of a sudden, but I tend to change computers a lot. Installing a bunch of Ruby dependencies / Gems while wanting to write a quick blog is not fun. I also wanted to start hosting this site on my own VPS @ DigitalOcean for more control and bespoke stuff I’d like to track. (Which I cannot think of now)

Go check out Hugo if you want a simple site which you can setup quickly!

I use the kiera theme.

Stuff I think is improved in comparison to the old site:

  • RSS support out of the box! (Cause you need to practice what you preach)
  • Single binary generator which I can quickly install
  • Flat files are still the best way to blog for me
  • Everything Still in Git!
  • Pushing a new version of the website is now being done locally on my laptop, which gives me more control of the process and does not require me to rely on Github

Pushing updates is also not really hard. I create a new blog with the following command:

hugo new posts/
hugo server -D

After which I edit markdown as usual while my local debug server is running and I can check stuff looks like I want it to look.

Then I build and push my changes.

scp -i ~/.ssh/mykey -r public/* 

If people are looking for some easy way to setup a blog, I would recommend Hugo. I still don’t know a lot about it, which I think is really nice since it points out how easy it is to start using it.